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Chinese New Year 2013 Singapore

Chinese New Year, also referred to as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year, falls on 10th February 2013 and is regarded as the most important traditional Chinese holidays. It comprises a series of celebrations which starts on the first day of the first month of Chinese calendar. The entire New Year celebration period comes to an end with the Lantern Festival which is celebrated on the month’s fifteenth day. Chinese New Year is celebrated in several parts of the world with great fun and merry-making.

In Singapore also, Chinese New Year is celebrated with great gusto. There are several events which are arranged at different places in Singapore as part of Chinese New Year 2013 Singapore celebration.

People beautifully decorate their house and also enjoy having some special Chinese dishes to welcome the New Year with new dreams and determinations.
Chinese New Year 2013 Singapore Events
Chinese New Year in the year 2013 is on 10th February. Have a look at some of the Chinese New Year 2013 events in Singapore and be a part of them.
  • Event at Chinatown, Singapore: Unlimited fun and excitement awaits you at Chinatown in Singapore. You can enjoy yourself with your friends and family at Chinatown Night Markets and enjoy the Chinatown Light Up along with live stage performances.
  • River Hong Bao Carnival: You can also indulge yourself in lots of fun and excitement at River Hong Bao Carnival in Singapore. Enjoy street performances, fireworks, games and do some wonderful shopping.
  • Singapore celebrates New Year by celebrating ‘Chingay Parade of Dreams’ that is very enjoyable and allows you to have a memorable experience .People from various places come and attend these above events and enjoy each and every part of all these events.

Chinese New Year 2013 Singapore Decorations
On the occasion of Chinese New Year, you can decorate your house beautifully to give it a completely new look. On Chinese New Year, you can decorate your home in the following ways.
  • New Year Paintings: Decorating the house with some beautiful New Year paintings is a tradition. Door Gods which are pasted on the front doors in order to stay away from monsters and ghosts is one such popular painting.
  • Spring Couplets – Spring couplets are usually written on red paper with black ink. They are hung at the entrance of the stores in the month before the first day of Chinese New Year. These spring couplets convey good luck and best wishes for the upcoming year.
  • One can decorate their homes with balloons and decorating materials like decorating walls with net cloth of different colors.

Chinese New Year 2013 Singapore Food
Do you have a passion for food? Then browse through some of the Chinese New Year food that you can have as part of Chinese New Year 2013 celebration.
  • Jiaozi Dumplings: These are either small or large mounds of dough. These mounds are dropped in a liquid mixture, like for instance stew or soup, and cooked. Some of these mounds are also stuffed with vegetables and meat or only vegetables.
  • Yusheng: Yusheng is a salad containing raw fish and few shredded vegetables like pomelo, carrots, pickled ginger and jicama in plum sauce dressing. It is one of the popular Chinese New Year dish in Singapore.
You can also have whole steamed fish, uncut noodles, baked goods with seeds, Mandarin oranges and Red Jujubes.
Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.
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