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New Year Decorations Ideas

As the curtains are about to fall on 2013 you’re getting ready to ring in 2014 in style. You have near endless options to celebrate New Year’ Eve 2014. You can hold a grand party incorporating a full-course dinner with champagne cocktails where every item starting from decor to invitations to delicacies will be thematic.

Or you can hold a very private and homely party with your closest buddies where you quiz your invitees on trivia from 2013 and give out elegant personalized gifts to the winner. No matter how you hold your New Year countdown party, the idea is to celebrate to the hilt without any reservations. Following are some unique theme decoration ideas for your New Year bash.

1. Send Personalized Online Invitations

Sending exclusively personalized e-invitation cards to your guests will simply enthral them. You’ll also be able to impress upon them that you like to keep up with the Joneses and that you’re a tech savvy person. Starting from the cover layout or design to the text, you can customize every feature on your own with the help of internet tools that are very user-friendly.

2. Light up Your Cocktails

To add a touch of extraordinariness to your party use glowing glassware and lighted-up ice cubes to highlight the scrumptious cocktails. These distinctive lights-up frills which are extensively available online and also at offline outlets will add a new high to your party. The dazzling ice cubes and resplendent glassware will lend a touch of brilliance to the drinks while retaining their chill. Put off the lights while you prepare the cocktails and see the effect the lighted up cubes and glassware has on your guests.

3. Let the Party Favours Double up as Table Decor

A New Year’s Eve party is unthinkable without party favours like paper trumpets, head-cones, party hats, boas and other related accoutrements. You can festoon the entrance or porch with these items or lay them out on the dinner table or at the bar stand. Let your guests freely pick up these trimmings as the party progresses through the night.

4. Place a Resolution Board at the Entrance

Hang a whiteboard or a blackboard at the entrance and request your guests to chalk their resolutions for the year ahead. Your guests including yourself will get a kick out of reading what is going in everybody’s minds.

5. Take Candid Snapshots With Your Old Camera

Though almost all your invitees will be carrying smartphones and digital cameras, you can let them do away with using their gadgets for once by providing with Kodak or Fuji cameras that uses films. Shots captured with these cameras are not only more photogenic but the prints are also more durable.

6. Be Urbane

Let your party come to life with chic decorations and crafty embellishments. You can procure wooden or plastic letterings like N, W, E Y, A and R and numerals 2, 0, 1, and 4 from any craft store and envelope each letter and number with brightly colored cellophane paper. You can suspend balloons, stars, blowers, and other adornments from them with the help of strings. You can position the letterings and numbers at the doorway or overhang them from ceiling in your living room.

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