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New Year Greeting Card Ideas

Greeting cards is the best way to express your feelings for your loved ones especially on the festivals and other occasions. Self-created greeting cards are said to be even more attractive and cherished. We're going to provide you some craft ideas to create a beautiful greeting card on the occasion of New Year.

How to create a handmade greeting card for the New Year?

This is the festive season of New Year and people are busy buying greeting cards for their loved ones. But, very few people know that you can create greeting cards at home at much less a price and still much attractive and appealing than the cards available in the market.

Creating a greeting card with fireworks theme

This card adds humor and thrill to his appearance and you can write messages, such as,

“Have a Shiny and Sparkly New Year!” Or “Welcome Your New Year With Fireworks!”

Materials required:

  • 6.5x9 inches cardstock paper(maroon)
  • 4x6 inches cardstock paper (black)
  • 5.5x8.5 inches cardstock paper(black)
  • 4 acrylic jewels of different colors (1/8th of an inch)
  • Golden glittering pen
  • knife for craft cutting
  • tape four paper masking
  • Adhesive or glue
  • Cutters and Scissors
  • Metallic thread spools (gold and copper color)
  • Machine embroidery thread spools (light blue, Rayon red, pink, light green color)
  • visit Scissors for edge decorating (zigzag in shape )
  • Cutting mat
  • White marker or pen
  • Drawing pencil and eraser
  • Circle template
  • Paper trimmer that can slide
  • Ruler made of metal
  • Scoring stick

Step by Step Instructions

Take a card stock paper (black in color) of size 5.5 x 8.5 inches and draw a circle of a diameter of 2 inches, using a circle template and the pencil. Draw 4 other circles with a diameter of 1.5 inches, which should be around 1 inch apart from edge to edge, on the same cardstock. To cut and take out these circles, you should use the zigzag decorative edge scissors. Use the eraser to remove the pencil marks or put the sides with pencil marks facing bottom.

Use the multicolored thread for wrapping the grooves of the zigzag area on the circle with 2 inches diameter. Once you complete the first round, go for the second round using a different offset. You can also visit for various other ideas about making greeting cards for the New Year.
Repeat this process for circles with 1.5 inches diameter, and use metallic copper thread after using metallic gold thread on the grooves. Repeat the process on the circle grooves with light blue rayon thread followed by light green rayon thread. On the last circles, use, pink rayon thread followed by red rayon thread made of copper to create firework illusion. Put all these circles on the card stock paper. Write the New Year message, such as “Happy New Year!” using white pen on the corner of the card stock paper.

You can use different designs on these circles using glittering pens and other decoration items and then glue it to the card stock paper. Your New Year card is ready!

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