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Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique hotels in Singapore offer a mix contemporary traditions and choices to the visitors. Boutique hotels Singapore are prime sources of tourist attraction. Boutique hotels offer the best that a visitor can get in Singapore. They are expert in various refreshing sessions that visitors look for in Singapore. There are a lot of boutique hotels in different budget range and comfort level.

Boutique hotels in Singapore have expert staffs, who are expert in treating their gusts in a unique and special manner. These staffs are expert in a variety of skills and understand the needs and requirements of the guests.

Boutique hotels are complete with a unique theme. These hotels have stylish interiors that inspire the heart and soul of the visitors. Usually boutique hotels in Singapore have less number of rooms compared to other hotels.

However, some Singapore boutique hotels have several rooms also. These boutique hotels in Singapore have everything that the visitors need. They are equipped with all the modern amenities and comfort of modern times.

List of Singapore Boutique Hotels

Focus Singapore covers each and every aspect of boutique hotels in Singapore. We have presented valuable hotel information on different boutique hotels in Singapore.

The Scarlet
The Scarlet Hotel, Singapore is one among the top brands of boutique hotels in the world. The Scarlet is rated as the most preferred hotel in Singapore by the visitors coming to the country.
Location :
33 Erskine Road
Singapore, 069333
Tel : +65 6511 3333

Perak Lodge Hospitality
Perak Lodge Hospitality is another famous famous boutique hotel in Singapore. Unique and special, Perak Lodge Hospitality is visited by numerous tourists world over coming to Singapore.
Location :
Perak Lodge Hospitality Pte Ltd
12 Perak Road,
Singapore 208133
Tel: +65 6299-7733
Fax:+65 6392-0919

Inn at Temple Street
Inn at Temple Street in an ideal boutique hotel in Singapore complete with a range of amenities and facilities. Visit Inn at Temple Street to get the real experience, service and hospitality.
36 Temple Street
Singapore 058581
Tel: (65) 6221-5333
Fax: (65) 6225-5391
Email: theinn@singnet.com.sg

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