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Singapore cannot boast of an arts and culture landscape as that of New York, London, Paris or Tokyo as it does not have history by its side. Yet it has sufficient art museums, galleries, and performing arts centres that can enchant even the most discerning of art connoisseurs. The Singapore government has gone out of the way to make the island-nations one of the most vibrant art hubs in Asia.

The art panorama in Singapore has been experiencing a consistent and gradual development since the last two decades. In order to make the city-state the nucleus of Asiaís art scenery, the government opened a distinct art zone (Gillman Barracks) in 2012 for accommodating avant-garde international galleries. Singapore stages two art exhibitions-Art Stage Singapore and Affordable Art Fair-every year.

A National Art Gallery will be inaugurated in 2015 that will house age-old objet d'art and artefacts and will also play host to fairs and expositions thatíll stress on Southeast Asian culture. Singapore has the setting and space to demonstrate the latest works of art and has all the ingredients to become a potential arts centre in the near future. The nation lies at the crossroads of Southeast Asia and has an extremely eclectic social and cultural ethos. Furthermore, the countryís robust economic health can help promote the arts vista in a holistic manner. -

Art Museums

Singapore is home to numerous art museums and archives where youíll be to view the most treasured collections of contemporary artists. Youíll also get the opportunity to feast your eyes on art works of evergreen artists like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Matisse, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Picasso and so on.

  • Singapore Art Museum-It earlier used to be a boys’ school but was turned into a museum in 1996. The museum has an enviable collection of highly sought after objet d’art and relics.
  • Red Dot Design Museum-Housed within the Red Dot Traffic Building it showcases some of the best contemporary and classic architectural designs.
  • Arts House-It is Singapore’s oldest governmental structure that has been turned into an arts museum.
  • Art Retreat-If you want to glance through a repertoire of Chinese contemporary art and also pick up one piece, you should visit this museum. 

Art Galleries

If you consider yourself to be an art aficionado then you should drop in at the following art galleries to catch glimpses of the works of art produced by local and international artists.
  • Asia Ancient Gallery situated in Tanglin Shopping Centre along Orchard Road stocks innumerable antiques and memorabilia.
  • Aryaseni Art Gallery-stores superior Indonesian fine art products.
  • Connoisseur Art Gallery-Houses creations of gifted Chinese artists.
  • Gajah Gallery-Showcases artworks from Vietnam, India, Indonesia and Singapore.
  • Esplanade Theatres on the Bay-Theatres on the Bay proffers music concerts, theatre shows, and performing arts events apart from extending shopping and dining options.

Performing Arts

The performing arts vista is overflowing with stimulating productions and talented performers. If youíve set your sights on becoming an actor, then you must be present at the shows of the following opera and orchestra groups.
  • Wayang-Chinese Opera
  • Singapore Chinese Orchestra
  • Singapore Symphony Orchestra
  • Bangsawan (Malay Opera)

Apart from attending the shows of the above groups, you can also enjoy Bharatnatyam, Line Dance, Lion Dance, Folk Music and Indian Classical Music.

Last Updated on : 25 Feb 2014

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