Art Exhibitions of Singapore, Singapore Art Exhibitions

As Singapore is considered as a land of art and artists, it is quite obvious that it hosts a number of art exhibitions either half yearly, or annually. Let us check out some of the recent and most appreciated art exhibitions of Singapore:

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition,29 Oct 29 Apr 2012 This exhition can be seen at at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue.Its about discvering the new world.

52th Venice Biennial, 2007 is a National presentation of the collections by artists like Vincet Leow, Jason Lim,Tang Dawu, and Zulkifle Mahmod. The theme revolves round figments, fictions, and fantasies.

It is all about to explore myth, illusion and imagination of the four artists and their concepts of art that reflect their notion of the carnivalesque in Venice.

Singapore Biennale 2006 was held from 4th September to 12th November in various venues which displayed 130 creations by 92 participants, 320 photographs, 25 videoclips through two parallel exhibitions.

It promoted the theme "belief". The artists are torned between the questions whether there is any value of "belief" in modern uncertain world which is devoid of moral sense and where every act is almost a "mindless act" of "soulless automatas".Singapore being a multi- cultural society oscillates between extremes of values and at this context nothing can be more apt theme for the city other than faith in belief or crisis of values or a hope of revival by some optimist artists.

Telah Terbit is another prominent art exhibition of Singapore that took its material from the archive of 70s of Singapore Art Museum. This art exhibition of Singapore can be analyzed in the light of of revival and reconstruction of some of the seminal works of the artists of 70s which reflect their efforts to establish new relationships with the then socio economic spheres of the land.

It was held in 2006 from the month of September to 12th November.

This art exhibition of Singapore put up Southeast Asian art culture with the artistic creations by
- Pratuang Emjaroen, from Thailand
- Sulaiman Haji Esa of Malaysia origin
- Pablo Baen Santos from Philippines
- Fx Harsono, S Priyanto from Indonesia
-Cheo Chai Hiang and Tang Dawu from Singapore and many others.
Singapore Art Show is the National festival for visual arts that has won a special place in the galaxies of aSingapore art exhibitions. It started in 2005 and continued from 23rd September to 23rd October. National Art Council has the plan to organize the exhibition at every two years keeping a year distance with international Biennals

Wahana in 2003 was held in National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. It was a joint venture to promote the works of both Malaysian and Singapore artists. The major themes were problem of identity crisis, adjustment problems due to change in relationships and places. September is thus the most happening month for Singapore art lovers as most of the art exhibitions, either national or international take place around that time of the year.

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