Performing Arts of Singapore

It is really interesting to go through a study on the cultural scenario of Singapore as it is highly unique due to a fine blending of Chinese, Malay, European and even Indian immigrants.

Intermingling of so many cultures has given the performing arts of Singapore a highly cosmopolitan and multi- racial dimension. Singapore has now emerged as a center of art and culture.

We can now turn the spotlight of the discussion towards the diversified nature of performing arts of Singapore and that will surely make clear why the land is identified with "gateway between the East and West".

The tremendous growth of theater, music and dance groups in the last decade needs to be analyzed in order to get an idea about the present scenario of the performing arts of Singapore.

The major performing groups that are now in focus are:

Theatre Works- It was established in 1985 with the objective of nurturing and promoting professional theater skills of Singapore artists. It also promotes Singaporean writing through events like 24 Hour Playwriting Competition or Singapore Young Dramatists Award. This is an independent and non-profit theater company which is quite famous for some of its excellent productions like Machine (2002), Pulse. I am Alive (2003) or Ma: Moment (2004).

ECNAD- The word is a derivative of the reverse spelling of "dance" signifying a unique perspective of studying the performing art, dance. The project is basically a multi-disciplinary dance company in Singapore. Tan How Choon and Lim Chin Huat are the founders and artistic directors.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO)- Formed in 1979 as a professional orchestra company with 96 musicians is another major performing group.

To promote performing arts of Singapore and to make classical music more popular to the general public, SSO also conducts free outdoor concerts.

The Singapore Indian Orchestra & Choir (SIOC) - It is known for its fusion of orchestra with choir. They have already done more than 350 performances at various concerts in Singapore, Australia and Brunei. Thanks to the People's Association for the formation of such a wonderful performing art group.

The other significant ones are, The Singapore Lyric Opera, Act 3 International, Singapore Chinese Orchestra and so on. The performing arts of Singapore are truly a fine amalgamation of music, dance, theater, opera and even lyric.

Places for Performing Arts
  • Practice Performing Art School:The address is 155 Waterloo Street ,Singapore and the contact number is +65 6337 2525.

  • Sri Warisan Performing Arts Shop:The address is 47 Kerbau Road,Singapore 219173 and the contact number is +65 62256070 .

  • Attitude Performing Arts Studio Pte Ltd:The address is 1 Jalan Anak Bukit,Singapore and the contact number is +65 6467 9738.

  • Young People's Performing Arts Ensemble Ltd:The address is 9a Hamilton Road (2nd floor),Singapore and the contact number is +65 6293 6629.

  • Artchemist Performing Arts Academy:The address is 155 Waterloo Street,Singapore and the contact number is +65 6337 2525.

  • A & M Wilkinson Performing Arts Centre:The address is 55 Waterloo Street,Singapore and the contact number is +65 6334 4495.

  • Telok Ayer Performing Arts Centre:The address is 182 Cecil Street,Singapore and the contact number is +65 6221 4726.

Last Updated On:12/11/2011
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