Food in Singapore

Being the rich multicultural hub that it is, the food in Singapore is very special and all kinds of food are easily available in Singapore. It is the best of various cuisines. . Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned food centers are located all over the island with easy access. At the hawker centres that offer basic but tasty Chinese, Malay and Indian food, prices start at $ 1 and can go up to $7-8. Some well known eateries can be found at Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and CHIJMES. Cost of food can range from $300 to $450.

When you look a typical Singaporean dish, you can make out the influences of Chinese, Malay, Peranakan, Indonesian, Indian and European cuisines. The confluence of various food has given rise to the very unique cuisine of Singapore. So, while you do get sumptuous multi-cuisine foods, you cannot resist the delights of the local delicacies. Singapore food is largely non-vegetarian. Here are some of the local delicacies of the country.


Satay is delicious meat dish whose origin can be traced back to Java, Indonesia. In Singapore, the dish is prepared with beef, fish, pork, mutton, goat and chicken. Meats of rabbit, tripe, venison, turtle, snake, lizard, crocodile and horse are also used in satay preparation in Indonesia. Vegetarians can relish satay made out of tofu or mushrooms. Generally, vegetables are not used to prepare the dish. The meat is diced or sliced, marinated and grilled on a charcoal fire or wood fire. The marinade consists of turmeric and spices. Traditionally, the spine of a coconut frond is used to skewer the meat. However, in the Singaporean adaptation, bamboo skewers are very common. The best accompaniments are spicy peanut sauce, peanut gravy, rice cakes and onion slivers. Soy based sauce dips also taste good with satay.

Chicken Rice

Considering the popularity of Chicken Rice in Singapore, it might well be officially labeled as the national food of the country. The chicken rice is a delicate preparation consisting of oily steamed rice at the bottom of the serving dish with boiled or steamed chicken on top.

Roasted or grilled chicken is also used instead of the steamed and boiled version. Soy dip or garlic sauce go excellently with the Chicken Rice. Street vendors serve pounded ginger as well. Interestingly, Singaporeans like to complement their hot piping Chicken Rice with cool cucumber slices.

Chili Crab

Chili crab is another contender for Singapore national food title. In fact, this dish is Singapore’s gift to the world. In 2011, Chili crab ranked 35th in the list of World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods. This delicious sweetish-spicy gravy is made with chili, tomatoes, curry powder and cumin powder. For consistency, cornstarch and rice vinegar are used. The special ingredient in Chili crab is kecap masin which is an Indonesian sweet soy sauce and includes several other herbs. To make the dish more interesting, beaten eggs are added to the gravy to get those tasty egg ribbons in the sauce. Mud crabs, flower crabs, soft shell crabs and blue swimmer crabs are used for the preparation. The dish is served with fried or steamed Chinese buns called mantou, toasted bread or French loaves. Plain steamed rice is another good accompaniment with Chili crab.

Oyster Omelets

Oyster omelets are originally Taiwanese and now, a favorite dish of Singapore. This omelet is made with small oysters which are added a few seconds before the dish is served in order to prevent oysters from being overcooked. Potato starch is added to the egg batter to make the omelet thicker. Pork lard, if used for frying, brings out the best flavor. Different kinds of sauces are liked with the dish, with chili cause or other spicy sauces being the favorite. The omelet is topped off with lemon juice. The variation of oyster omelet is shrimp omelet. As the name suggests, shrimps are used instead of oysters.


Popiah is basically a Fujian dish and another one of the hot favorites in Singapore. It is a vegetarian role which has a wafer thin skin and loads of yummy vegetable and bean stuffing within. They are best loved when eaten with a sweetish sauce. Popiah makes a very satisfying and filling meal.

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