Singapore Working Hours

Most companies operate a work week with Saturday being a half-day and Sunday a rest day.

  • Five-day work weeks are also becoming increasingly popular. This gives ample time for leisure activities on weekend.
  • The working days are Monday to Friday and Saturday is half day
  • Eight-hour work days with an hour lunch break in between are common.
  • The timings for Monday to Friday are 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm.Lunch Break is from 1pm to 2pm.On Saturday, the timings are 9am to 1pm.
  • The maximum work hours per week are capped at 44.
  • As travel distance between office and home is very short in Singapore, there is always enough time to enjoy Singapore's buzzing nightlife.
  • The quality of life in Singapore has been rated as comparable, if not better, than that in cities like London, New York, Boston and Osaka.
  • Expatriate workers in Singapore enjoy a superior standard of living replete with attractive perks besides a handsome remuneration.
  • Singaporean employers want to retain foreign human capital and therefore offer the very best of remuneration packages to their expatriate work force.
  • The intrinsic qualities of the island state; its vibrant socio-cultural milieu, convenient geographical position and investor friendly attitude - all add up to make it Asia Pacific's most preferred destination for living and working.
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