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Singapore has so much to offer to someone who wishes to live and work there; indeed for many expatriates it feels just like a home away from home. Contrary to what the general belief is - that Information Technology, Bio Technology, Software, Consultancy, Banking & Finance are the 'hot' and happening sectors in Singapore attracting the maximum number of expatriates, another emerging sector is that of Education / educational services such as Counseling- where the perks offered are excellent.

Singapore is rated as the country with the least restrictive immigration laws Singapore's compensation packages are among the highest in Asia Pacific, ranking third after Japan and Hong Kong.

There are currently more than 1,000 local and foreign financial institutions in Singapore and the number is increasing steadily! A competitive pro-business stance has also sealed the island city-state's reputation as a global investment hub. Singapore continues to attract and retain the best financial and professional talent from beyond its shores.

The conventional service sectors in Singapore such as Banking & Finance (every single creditworthy bank in the world has a branch in Singapore), Computer Software (Information Technology) and Bio Technology are expanding even further and diversifying into specialized fields- thereby attracting the best expatriates and foreign professionally skilled workers from all over the world to live and work in the island state.

New and exciting employment opportunities are constantly being created to remold Singapore as it steadily transforms itself into a truly knowledge-based economy.
Home to a growing number of leading biomedical companies and world-class research institutions, Singapore is fast becoming one of the most dynamic R&D hubs for Biomedical Sciences in Asia. Singapore is also currently the world's third largest oil refining centre. It is also home to global oil and petrochemical majors such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron Texaco, BASF, Sumitomo Chemicals and Mitsui Chemicals.

Singapore's compensation packages are globally competitive and among the best in the Asia Pacific region. Most companies that employ foreign talent provide long-term packages that are supplemented with accommodation, cost of living allowances and other benefits such as health / medical insurance. Companies in Singapore pay fixed bonuses that range from one to two months. Variable bonuses are dependent on company and individual performance and usually range from one to six months, averaging two months.

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