Dental Clinics in Singapore

The renowned dental clinics in Singapore are the TP Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd, The Surgeons Dental Surgery, Team GPA, Smilefocus, Singapore Dental Surgery and Rcall Pte Ltd. Ordinary dental treatments (like tooth-scaling, tooth-extraction and tooth-filling) at the government-run dental clinics in Singapore is charged between S$15-S$60. The charges in the government-run dental clinics in Singapore are much less compared to the private dental clinics. The dental clinics in Singapore offer subsidies to senior citizens who are over 64 and also to the students, below the age of 18.

Singapore Dental Surgery

Housed in the Orchard Boulevard's Camden Medical Center, the dental team of doctors led by Dr. Alex Chee provides general and cosmetic dental treatments.

Rcall Pte Ltd

It is located at the Tangling Road and it specializes in

Maxillofacial Surgeries and
Oral Surgeries

TP Dental Surgeons Pvt Ltd

This clinic offers general dental treatments like

Root Canal Treatment
Children's dentistry
Bridge Dentistry
Crown dentistry
Tooth-Implantations and
Cosmetic dentistry

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