Government Hospitals and Outpatient Clinics in Singapore

The government hospitals in Singapore are equipped with cutting-edge medical facilities and provide a wide range of healthcare and medical treatment. The renowned government hospitals in Singapore include the Woodbrige Hospital and the Alexandra Hospital. The standard of healthcare and treatment in the government hospitals in Singapore varies from ward to ward. The Singapore General Hospital has 10 outpatient clinics in total. Doctors from polyclinics and other primary healthcare centers refer patients seeking special medical attention to the outpatient clinics of the Singapore General Hospital.

The Neuroscience Specialists Outpatient Clinic in Singapore offers treatments on general neurological disorders, migraine, epilepsy, neuron-ophthalmology, neuromuscular

Government Hospitals in Singapore

Singapore General Hospital

The Singapore General Hospital or the SGH is the earliest and biggest government hospital in Singapore.
This hospital caters to approximately one-fifth of the acute hospital beds in Singapore and around one-fourth of the beds in all the government hospitals. This government hospital has a team of more than 500 dedicated medical professionals and about 1400 beds.

Alexandra Hospital

The Alexandra Hospital has radically transformed itself since its inception in the year 1938. It has a capacity of 400 beds providing the patients with the best of healthcare and treatment. It is located in Singapore's central-western region and is within easy reach of the MRT station.

National University Hospital

The National University Hospital offers a wide range of medical services to cater to the treatment and healthcare of the patients. This renowned government hospital houses six paramedical, three dental and twenty-one clinical departments. A team of over three-thousand medical professionals offer 24-hour medical support and assistance to the patients.

Changi General Hospital

The motto of the Changi General Hospital, 'Caring for the Community in the East', underlines the main aim of the hospital, i.e. to act as the prime healthcare and medical center. It provides a wide range of healthcare and medical treatments.

Outpatient Clinics at the Singapore General Hospital The Singapore General Hospital has 10 outpatient clinics in total that include a dental clinic and ENT clinic.

Opening hours of the outpatient clinics

Monday----Friday: 8a.m. --- 6p.m. 8 a.m. ---1p.m. on Saturday

Remains closed on Sundays and on public holidays

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