Health Care Centers in Singapore

Singapore Health Services or SingHealth refers to the civic healthcare establishments found in eastern Singapore. Singapore Health Services constitute of three hospitals, five specialty centers and a network of eight polyclinics or primary healthcare centers. The three hospitals are Singapore General Hospital, Changi General Hospital and KK Women's & Children's Hospital. They give complete medical care ranging from common outpatient services to specialized healthcare.

The five national specialty centers are National Heart Centre, National Dental Centre, National Cancer Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre and National Neuroscience Institute.

They focus on specific and particular medical concerns. Singapore Health Services or SingHealth aims and tries to adopt an integrated attitude to healthcare and medical treatment and thus strives to offer the best available medicines and treatment to the patients and to augment the limit of medical understanding. More than 3 million patients are treated or attended to by SingHealth or Singapore Health Services.

Their A&E departments look after more than 35000 every year and execute over 170,000 surgeries.

It has very efficient and qualified staff of 12,000 dedicated professionals. Singapore Health Services are motivated by the desire to provide excellent and genuine medical care. Affordable, quality healthcare that is easily accessible, integrated and comprehensive are offered by Singhealth. A wide range of medical treatment options to suit people from all stages of the society and all walks of life are made available through SingHealth. It also serves as an excellent training centre and a great developing ground for medical workforce.

Singapore Health Services strive for medical excellence through its team of capable doctors, expert medical staff, improved treatment techniques and internationally recognized standards and ethics. A multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional approach to medical service is adopted by SingHealth. Thus SingHealth International Medical Service performs as a one-stop service centre assisting patients from all over the world to get the facilities of opting for a wide array of treatments obtainable at its several healthcare institutions. For more detailed information or queries on Scholarships, Education, training, Clinical specialties and events of SingHealth, check out its website at

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