Medical Insurance in Singapore

In Singapore medical insurance covers the healthcare costs of the insurance policy holders. The medical insurance companies in Singapore provide a wide range of medical insurance policies like the 'critical illness plans' and 'hospitalization plans'. The renowned medical insurance companies in Singapore include the HSBC and the American Home Assurance Company Singapore. Employees in Singapore can pay for the medical-insurance premiums and their hospital costs from the 'Medishield' or the 'Medisave' accounts, which constitutes a portion of the Central Provident Fund.

Medical Insurance Company for Singapore's expatriates
American Home Assurance Company Singapore The American Home Assurance Company in Singapore offers the 'Global Health' Medical Insurance plan.

The Global Health is a comprehensive insurance plan covering the medical expenses of the expatriate community in Singapore. It offers 3 different plans and the 'Global Health SG400' is an all-inclusive plan which offers

Money-back guarantee within 30 days

If the policy holder thinks that the plan is not suitable, he can get his money back within 30 days.

Emergency Hotline Services

You can get help in case of an emergency by dialing in the hotline- number which functions round the clock.

Availability of the plan for both the individual and his family

You can get the medical insurance cover for the members of your family as well.

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