Father's Day in Singapore

Fatherís Day is one of the occasions which provide children a special moment to honor and show respect to their beloved dad. Originating in the United States, this festival has gradually spread across the entire globe. Fatherís Day celebration takes place in the month of June and is celebrated by children in different ways. The ultimate motive of Fatherís Day celebration is to spend some quality time with oneís father and give him pleasure both at heart and mind.

Gift Ideas for Your Father

Elate your father by giving him a surprize on this Father's Day! Here are a few gift ideas which you can choose to gift your father to make this day special for him.

  • Flowers
    Flowers have always been special for every occasion. They are perfect gift for your dad owing to their fragrance and warmth. You can gift your dad a bouquet of flowers made of roses, lilies, orchids according to his choice. A variety of online stores are at your service to deliver the most beautifully selected flowers for your dad at an affordable price. You just have to place the order, specify the time and place of delivery and your job is done.

  • Shirt
    You can also choose to gift your father a shirt of his favorite color. It can be a cotton shirt in blue color or white. Try to chose the color your dad loves to wear the most. You can also compliment the shirt with a nice tie. Gifting a tie along with a shirt will be a nice combination and will surely make your dad feel special.

  • Pen
    A good quality pen like those of Parker can be a good gift choice for your father on this father's day. Whenever he shall use the pen, he will have sweet memories of time spent with you. You can also gift your dad a nice diary along with a pen so that he can pen down his notes and in case he is habitual to writing diaries, it will be a winning combination.

  • Books
    In case your dad is fond of reading books, you can gift him a novel or a book of his choice.The choice of books depends on the subjects your dad has interest- mystery, history, adventure, literature, science and so on.

  • Cakes
    You can surprize your father with a cake made especially for him. Dont forget to compliment it with a card and flowers. In case your dad is diabetic, go for sugar free cakes.
    Greeting Cards

  • Greeting Cards
    Greeting cards can say a lot which other gifts cant express completely. Select a nice greeting card and pen down your thoughts and see the smile on your dad's face.You should be careful in selecting the perfect greeting card with perfect thoughts on it. Select the one which conveys the emotions you have in your heart and it will definitely touch your father's heart.

  • Perfumes
    You can gift your dad a nice perfume which he likes.The sweet fragrance of the perfume will remind him how much you love him.

  • Watch
    You can also gift your dad a trendy watch! It entirely depends on you whether you choose a steel strap or leather strap, choose the one which will be ideal for your dad. There are many watches available in market with lines embraced on them "Love you dad" , "For you dad" and so on. Such gestures make these gifts even more precious and memorable for your loved ones.

    Money spent on gifts does not matter, what really matters are the emotions. Even a simple hug can bring a smile on your father's face this father's day. This father's day, express your love and respect towards your dad and make him feel very special.

    Special Events for Fatherís Day

    Apart from gifting your father with some precious items, you can also think of taking him out for a day along with your mom and enjoy the day to its fullest.

  • Father's Day Feasts at Copthorne King's Hotel
    Copthorne King's Hotel at Singapore has something special in store for your beloved daddy. The Hotel is making arrangement for Fatherís Day Feasts. Copthorne King's Hotelís Tien Court chef Ho Tien Tsai has some special menu for Fatherís Day like Baked Frog with Dried Lily Flowers and Mushrooms and signature Braised Lobster with Egg Noodles. At the end, you can sweeten your mouth with some desserts like Steamed Yam with Pumpkin and Gingko Nuts or Double-boiled Birdís Nest with Rock Sugar. For those who prefer making their own selections, the La Carte menu of Tien Court has some mouth-watering Dim Sum items just for them. Moreover, Princess Terrace of Copthorne King's Hotel has the best Penang buffet for your father. There are several delicious and mouthwatering dishes like Kuei Pai Tee, Penang Fried Porridge, Penang Char Kway Teow, and many more.

  • St Regis Singapore
    On the event of Fatherís Day, St Regis Singapore will be hosting a week-long promotion in two of its restaurants, namely, LaBrezza and Brasserie Les Saveurs, where dads can have food absolutely free (atleast four guests, including father). For Father's Day Champagne Brunch, the Soufflť station and Flambť Beef station, the two special food stations, will be added to the selections.

  • Fatherís Day Dinner Celebration at Centre for Fathering
    Centre for Fathering is also arranging a Fatherís Day Dinner Celebration on June 14, 2009 which turns out to be a Sunday. They are calling the moms for giving a dinner treat to their loving husbands. After the dinner is over, a 30 minutes play called ďDaddyís HomeĒ will be staged by Fei Yue Community Services.

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