Extension of Stay in Singapore

The Immigration Rules in Singapore is quite rigid and for a trip to Singapore, you should be well aware about the immigration rules. The outsiders of Singapore do not need a visa in advance for a short trip to Singapore and for immigration purposes the tourists are required to possess a valid document, a return ticket and sufficient money, so that at the end of your trip you do not fall short of money.

The nation of Singapore allows you to get hold of passes that would suit your need which are:

  • Pass 1 - Only meant for the visitors /foreigners who possesses special skills, are highly qualified and draws a monthly salary of S$ 7,000.
  • Pass 2 - Specially meant for foreigners who satisfy the requirements mentioned above and draws a monthly salary between S$ 3,500 and S$ 7,000.
  • Pass 3 - For those foreigners who hold high degrees and earns S$ 2,500 a month.
  • Pass 4 - Specially meant for the outsiders who would be considered on the basis of his/her merit.

The social visit passes that are available in Singapore are:

  • Social visitors who are seeking medical treatment.
  • Social visitors who are in the look out for a job at this nation.
  • Social visitors who are seeking permission to give birth to a child in Singapore.
  • People who have traveled to Singapore for business purposes.
  • Social visitors who have opted for this nation for a short trip.
  • Social visitors whose spouses are Singapore citizens.
  • Social visitors whose children are permanent residents of this nation.
  • Social visitors whose parents are permanent residents of the nation of Singapore.
  • Female tourists whose children/grandchildren have got students pass and are studying in Singapore.
  • Entrepreneur/technopreneur scheme.

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