Procedure for Getting Permanent Residence in Singapore

If on your first trip to Singapore, you have decided to settle for this place then you need to apply for citizenship of Singapore. This article primarily concentrates on the Procedure for Getting Permanent Residence in Singapore.

The people who satisfy the following requirements can only apply for Singapore citizenship and they are:

  • Entrepreneurs/investors.
  • Parents whose children are citizens of Singapore.
  • Unmarried children (not above 21 years of age) and spouses of permanent residents of Singapore.
  • Pass holders.
  • Residents of Hong Kong, who fulfill some guidelines, can apply for citizenship through the SMC Management Consultants Pte Ltd.
    Procedure for Getting Permanent Residence in Singapore are:

    Documents that are to be submitted by the aged parents of Singapore are a one set of completed form to be filled up by the individual and these forms are available at the Permanent Resident Service Center.

    The pass holders are required to submit two sets of completed form, one would be the original copy and the other a photocopy of the form, just in case you are applying for citizenship under the Skilled Workers Scheme or the Technical/Professionals Scheme. Approach the Permanent Resident Service Center for the forms.
    Foreign investors who are well backed up by good entrepreneurial records can apply for permanent residence of Singapore and they are required to apply under the Global Investor Programme. For this purpose the foreign investors are required to get in touch with the Singapore Economic Development Board. The Hong Kong residents for this purpose are required to produce documents that would prove the fact that they have the right to stay at the nation of Hong Kong.
    The application procession takes three months and you will get to know through mail that whether your application has got the approval. or not.

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