IBM Singapore

The IBM Singapore was set up by the IBM World Trade Corporation in 1953. The IBM Singapore was started with the vision of marketing and providing services to a line of data processing devices and equipments rolled by the IBM. IBM Singapore employs thousands of people from all across the Asia Pacific, South-east Asian and the South Asian region. IBM Singapore is playing a dominant role in promoting IT in Singapore. IBM Singapore offers its technology to over 50% of Singapore's ATMs.

IBM Singapore: IBM Singapore Private Ltd,
9 Changi Business Park,
Central 1, IBM Place,
Singapore --- 486048

Products of IBM
Servers and Systems
AMD Processor- Based Servers
UNIX Servers
Linux Servers
POWER Processor -Based Servers
INTEL Processor-Based Servers
X86 Servers for LINUX and Windows
Linux Servers
Midrange Servers and
Mainframe Servers

Storage Devices
Network Attached Storage
Storage Area Network
Tape Systems
Micro Drives
Disk Systems
Workstations Equipments
Accessories for Workstations
IntelliStation POWER
IntelliStation Pro
IBM Singapore's Services to the Singaporean community

IBM Singapore is highly committed in developing the resources and skills relating to IT in Singapore and has invested more than $10 million for this purpose.

The other services of IBM Singapore include:

Singapore Quality Award: The IBM Singapore first sponsored the Singapore Quality Award. This award is presented to the companies who have achieved excellence in terms of quality.

IT Training Programs for office-workers: --- IBM Singapore started the 'IT training program' in the year 1988 for Singapore's office-employees in collaboration with the National Productivity Board and the National Computer Board. This course is certified by the Singapore government. Many office-employees in Singapore have been the beneficiaries of this program.

Institute of Systems Science: --- This is the leading institution in the South Asian region for research and development activities and IT. In 1981 this institution came into existence by the joint collaboration and partnership of the National University of Singapore and the IBM Singapore.

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