IP Mirror

IP Mirror in Singapore is a leading IT company and a globally trusted name in 'domain-name' management. IP Mirror protects copyrights and the domain-names of its client companies. IP Mirror in Singapore is the only company which can register domain-names in any country irrespective of the country and its laws pertaining to the domain-name registration. IP Mirror has become the most renowned domain-name registration company in Singapore after receiving accreditation from the ICANN or the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers. IP Mirror is Singapore's only company to have received the ICANN accreditation.

In 2006 IP Mirror has been named the best domain and web-hosting portal by the ISO User Choice & Feedback. IP Mirror is growing and expanding at an unprecedented rate in the business of 'domain-name' registration and has outpaced other players in this business establishing itself as a top-notch company in this field. IP mirror offers a comprehensive array of services besides registering the domain-names.

IP Mirror's service package includes web-auditing, domain-name auditing, domain-name recovery and a host of other value-added services to its client companies. The domain-name registration process of the IP Mirror provides Mirror 'real-time domain-name registrations', 'domain-name modifications', 'domain-name re-delegations' and 'domain-name up-dating functions'. IP Mirror is constantly improving and upgrading its services from time to time. IP Mirror is Singapore's only company in the domain-name registration business to receive the ISO9001:2000 accreditation.

This accreditation ensures that IP Mirror is fully capable of carrying out the business of domain-name registrations, promptly and highly efficiently. IP Mirror is equally well-capable of managing and handling domain-name registrations in other countries as well. The company offers 24-hour support and expert professional guidance. IP Mirror offers unlimited access to live domain-name registry. The clients can have a fair and in-depth look at the domain-name registries to find their exact matches. They are also provided with the opportunity of searching the wild cards for identifying the newly registered domain-names or for tracing the names that turn out to be potentially infringing or confusingly similar.

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