Creative Technology

Singapore's Creative Technology Limited is a leading producer of multimedia devices. The Creative Technology Limited in Singapore was established on 1st July, 1981 by Sim Wong Hoo. The Creative Technology Limited has a workforce of over 5000 employed all over the world. The chairman and CEO of the The Creative Technology Limited is Mr. Sim Wong Hoo.

History of the Creative Technologies Private Limited
The Creative Technologies Private Limited started as a repairing-shop for computers. The CEO of the Creative invented the memory-board for the second generation Apple computers.

Then Creative went on to build 'Chinese language' customized PCs. In order to produce melodies as well as speech, audio capabilities were increased in the PCs.It proved to be a huge success and paved the way for the 'stand-alone sound card'.

Creative Technologies Limited in Present time
The digital audio players, Creative Zen and Creative NOMAD are the major revenue earners for Creative Technology Limited. Products like the sound Blaster X-Fi, Sound Blaster Audigy 4, Sound Blaster Audigy 2, and Sound Blaster Audigy from the yesteryear 'Sound Blaster' line. Creative Technology Limited highly benefits from its sound cards. The flagship product from the Sound Blast line is X-Fi Elite Pro.The Creative Technologies Limited has undergone considerable diversification in recent years.

Products of the Creative Technology Limited
Products from the Creative stable include:
Optical Mouse
Prodikeys which is a combination of the musical keyboard and the computer keyboard
Digital Audio Players known as 'MuVo' and 'Zen'
Web camera
Graphics card
Controller card, DVD player and CD-ROM
Gaming sound-system
Sound Blaster for PCs

Mobile wireless headphone
Networking Devices
Video Cards
LCD Monitor
MP3 Player
Web Cameras
Creative Professional/E-MU
Peripherals for the PC
Digital Cameras.

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