Law Firms in Singapore

There are different legal organizations which are located in and around the city of Singapore and which work effectively in handling their vast clientele with matters strictly pertaining to the legal jurisdiction of the clients. These law firms work effectively and efficiently in handling all sorts of legal queries from the broad client base that these organizations cater to. There are efficient lawyers who are working for these reputed law firms of Singapore.

The jurisdiction of these law firms include such work area like police investigation, road accidents, proceedings in court, buying and selling a house, criminal legal aid scheme, custody and maintenance, giving evidence, employment, divorce,arrest and bail, advance medical directive, making a will, workmen's compensation, proceedings in court, youth crime, to mention only a few amongst the many occasions for which these organizations are effectively functioning.

Top Law Firms in Singapore

Singapore is a highly modernized zone that facilitates citizens with all essentialities of an urban life. This island city possesses a well developed economic hub. Various industries build up this business zone in Singapore. The city is also a home to some of the best law firms in Asia. These law firms are certified and affiliated by reputed legal controlling centers and are even specialized in different areas.
  • WrongPartnership LLP : WrongPartnership LLP is one of the best law firms in Singapore. It is headed by a team of veteran lawyers. The organization has its offices in the Middle East and China and is one of the steadily growing legal organizations of Singapore. The firm deals with transactional and advisory works on corporate, finance, capitals and market areas. The organization specializes in compliance and governance, intellectual property, employment, green economy, technology, insolvency and restructuring.

  • Allen and Gledhill LLP : Allen and Gledhill LLP is one of the finest law firms in the city. More than three hundred lawyers are involved in the agency half of whom are partners as well. It is one of the oldest legal organization in the city. The firm is smoothly segmented in practicing zones of corporate and commercial acquisitions and mergers, financial services, real estate, dispute resolution, litigation, technology and intellectual assets.

  • Drew and Napier LLC : Drew and Napier is one of the veteran legal sectors in Singapore, which was established in the year 1889. Its offices are also located in India, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. It is also one of the largest law firms in the city of Singapore. The firm deals with corporate disputes, settlements, assets management, etc. The firm is affiliated by national and international associations.

  • Shook Lin and Bok LLP : Shook Lin and Bok LLP is a 95 years old legal firm in Singapore. The firm is facilitated with Asian regional capacity. Shook Lin and Bok LLP is operated by a team of veteran lawyers who effectively deal with corporate and personal legal troubles in the Asia Pacific region and Singapore itself.

  • Arthur Loke LLP : Arthur Loke was established in 1981. Its predecessors are Arthur Loke & Partners and Loke & Sim. The firm’s areas of practices are intellectual property law, corporate law, real estate, construction law, banking, finance, securities, media, capital market, technology, etc.

  • Tan Peng Chin LLC : Tan Peng Chin has an international client base. The firm practices in association with international legal organizations like Baker and McKenzie, Freshfields, Hebert Smith, Johnson Stokes and Master. The firm deals with arbitration, mediation and litigation matters. It handles commercial, personal and property based legal matters.

  • ATMD Bird & Bird LLP Singapore : ATMD Bird & Bird LLP Singapore concentrates on Asian regional work. It has recently partnered with international law firm Bird & Bird. The firm is headed by an active group of thirty lawyers. The organization’s offices are situated across Asia and Europe, totaling almost over twenty one in number. The firm specializes in legal practices associated with commercial transactions, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, litigation, technology, entertainment, environment, real estate, etc. it is one of the most popular legal firms in Singapore.

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