The Singapore Academy of Law

The Singapore Academy of Law is perhaps the best known legal community in Singapore that accommodates more than 7,000 members. This figure covers all advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court, members of the Singapore Judiciary and Legal Service officers, corporate counsel and faculty members of law schools. The Honorable Chief Justice of Singapore is the President of the Singapore Academy of Law. In order to put up a positive image and to promote the legal industry of Singapore, The Singapore Academy of Law follows three strategies. Those are Focus on enhancing legal knowledge
improving efficiency of legal practitioners through proper and judicial use of technology
Providing a positive support to the legal industry.In a nutshell, all the activities of the Singapore Academy of Law is directed towards the mission of building a powerful legal community in Singapore and thereby raising the quality and efficiency of legal practice and practitioners.

For achieving this level of excellence, the Singapore Academy of Law organizes a number of legal education programmes to keep the members updated about the recent legal developments of Singapore.

Apart from this, the Singapore Academy of Law supports research in the field of law reform and legal heritage, including the publication of legal texts.

The significance of the Academy lies in its recognition as the official law reporting agency in Singapore. It is the Singapore Academy of Law that is vested with the responsibility of developing and managing the IT portal, LawNet which helps the users with a varied range of legal information and transactional databases. The Singapore Academy of Law is actually making laws easy and accessible to the common people through LawNet.

The Academy acts as Singapore's legal and dispute resolution service provider. The Singapore Mediation Centre, a subsidiary of the academy focuses on the commercial mediation services and also conducts mediation training workshops which are generally region specific.
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