Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore

Apart from the Supreme court and Subordinate Courts, Singapore depends a lot on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Services to solve out certain civil problems of the citizens. And, those are best managed by agencies like Community Mediation Centre (CMC), Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC).Let us discuss the role of all these Alternative Dispute Resolutions in Singapore in solving various legal problems of the land one by one.

Community Mediation Centre CMC mainly focuses on community disputes and not on commercial ones.

Community disputes are essentially social in character and those include neighborhood and family disputes excluding family violence, disagreements with friends,conflict between strangers, various sorts of squabbles and so on.CMC acts as a mediator who helps the two opponent parties to get settled either through joint meetings of both parties or through private one- on- one session.

Singapore International Arbitration Centre
SIAC maintains complete transparency while acting as an Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore.
It helps parties in getting appointments of arbitrators, in managing the financial aspect of the arbitration and making the progress of arbitration very smooth. It functions according to the guidelines mentioned in its Code of Practice. It is well equipped with a wide range of multinational and multicultural professional secretariat who suggest solutions which are culture specific and this sensibility is required for solving civil matters which are very much socio- cultural in nature.

Singapore Mediation Centre
SMC is a prominent Alternative Dispute Resolution in Singapore which provides solutions through Neutral Evaluation and Mediation- Arbitration methods. It also provides training facilities in Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Management.
It is easy to access Alternative Dispute Resolutions in Singapore and the best part of the story is that trivial disputes get solved in an hour which generally go on for years in other nations. One can really come to a solution and settlement through the interference of a legal mediator through discussions and counsellings in Alternative Dispute Resolutions system.
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