Criminal Laws in Singapore

It is always interesting to discuss the criminal laws of any land and when it comes to Singapore, it sounds more interesting. The Criminal Laws in Singapore is basically statutory in nature. The Criminal Laws in Singapore cover the penalties of familiar criminal offences like homicide, theft or cheating that have been mentioned in the Penal Code. Other statutory offences include the Arms Offences Act, Misuse of Drugs Act, Kidnapping and Vandalism Act.

Criminal laws of Singapore uniquely deal with minor offences like failing to flush toilets after use or possession of pornography, selling of chewing gum or having oral and anal sex which usually go against the natural sexual norm.

The criminal Laws in Singapore are strict enough to make people conscious of the dos and don'ts prescribed by the judicial system. Both corporal punishment (caning) and Capital punishment (hanging) are practised in Singapore in order to keep the law and order of the land in tact. Before 1870, the Criminal Laws in Singapore were found in the Indian Criminal Procedure Act 1852 as the Supreme Court of India enjoyed the authority to legislate the Straits Settlements. In 1871, Criminal Procedure Ordinance replaced the Indian Act. The Penal Code is very much British in its criminal procedure.

On 28th January 1955, a Criminal Procedure Code was passed by the Legislative Council of the colony of Singapore and this one is followed even today. All the criminal offences under the Penal Code and statutes are tried as per the laws prescribed by the present Criminal Procedure Code.
The strict Criminal Laws in Singapore deserve appreciation for making Singapore the safest land on earth with a minimum record of criminal activities.

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