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The government departments in Singapore can be studied under three heads which are known as Community Mediation Centre, Insolvency and Public Trustees' Office (IPTO) and Legal Aid Bureau. Let us analyze the functions and missions of each of these government departments in Singapore one by one.
Community Mediation Centre: In 1998, the Community Mediation Centres Act became law and CMC started its operation under the Ministry of Law.

It provides mediation services on social and family disputes that are generally not considered as serious crime.

Mediation sessions are highly cordial and informal in essence. Its mission is to provide practical solutions for various community disputes in Singapore. CMC runs on the basis of strict principles like carrying out their operations through skilled mediators, finding quick solutions to disputes, making their members easily accessible to the public, and paying heed to public feedback impartially.

This is the first ISO certified legal institution which got its recognition in November 1998. It provides services to the administration of individual and corporate insolvencies, the estates of "deceased" people, motor accidents and compensation claims and licensing and controlling of money lenders and pawnbrokers. The objective of this government department in Singapore is to become the most eminent organization in the sphere of insolvency and trustee services and to provide innovative services in insolvency and trustee matters.

And the organization runs on certain core values like integrity of fair work and honesty, development of people's creative skills, recognizing the strength and efficiency of team work and innovative thinking.
Legal Aid Bureau:
It was on 4th April 1956, the Legal Aid and Advice Bill got introduced in the Legislative Assembly to make legal advices accessible to the common people. This government department was set up under the Ministry of Labour and Welfare but in 1964, it was placed under the Ministry of Social Affairs and then it was in 1984, it became a department of the Ministry of Law. Its vision can be summarized as "Blazing Trails In The Compassionate Practice of Law" as the members love to express and the mission is to lend a legal helping hand to non affluent section of the society. Its core values include trust and integrity, teamwork and innovation and compassion and passion for work.
This brief discussion on the government departments in Singapore will help you in better understanding of how legal system works in Singapore.
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