The Singapore Journal of Legal Studies

The Singapore Journal of Legal Studies is one of the oldest eminent legal journals in the British Commonwealth. It is well known for its coverage of both the domestic and international legal developments. But from 1997 onwards the Sing JLS is focusing on the legal developments in Singapore, Asia, with the inception of the Singapore Journal of International and Comparative Law and the Singapore Year Book of International Law (in 2005). It is still into the publishing of quality articles on private and public international law, comparative law and on topics related to the theoretical and practical appeal of laws.

The Singapore Journal of Legal Studies along with its earlier versions like the University of Malaya Law Review and the Malaya Law Review is in its 5th decade of publication. The journal is run by its Editorial Committee whose members are drawn from the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore on the basis of suggestions and recommendations made by the eminent legal personalities of other legal institutions of Singapore and abroad.

The Sing JLS is recognized even by leading common law courts such as the House of Lords, the Supreme Court of Canada, the High Court of Australia, the High Court of Malaysia and the Supreme Court of Singapore. To make the articles accessible, they are published in international legal databases like Westlaw, Proquest, SSRN and HeinOnline, and Singapore's own Lawnet. As Singapore's legal system follows the English legal system, hence it is natural that it depends on English legal developments for its new incorporations and modifications.

But as an independent legal set up it continuously draws legal guidance from the leading Commonwealth countries, including England, Australia and Canada, and from the United States of America for some specific cases.Hence,The Singapore Journal of Legal Studies is regarded as a journal of comparative interest to lawyers, academics and observers all over the world irrespective of their professional and academic interests. Nothing can be more dynamic than Sing JLS to make laws easy and comprehensible to the common people i.e. non- legal professionals. You can check out the tables and abstracts in the published issues of Sing JLS from the Search menu and plans have been made to include the table of the Malaya Law Review into the list in the coming future.

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