Judicial and Quasi Judicial Bodies in Singapore

Nothing can be perhaps more exciting than analyzing the legal system of Singapore where judicial and quasi judicial bodies work hand in hand to support the legal industry. They have got clear perceptions of their job profiles and instead of having confusions and conflicts among the legal bodies, they are trying best to solve the problems of the citizens as par their jurisdictions. Judicial Bodies in Singapore deal with serious crimes like rape, murder and national crimes whereas Quasi Judicial Bodies are involved in solving social, community, family and land problems. Let us get into the details of the discussion.

Appeals Board (Land Acquisition):
It is a tribunal founded and governed by the Land Acquisition Act to hear appeals of any landowner whose land has been taken by the collector of Land Revenue, a Government's agent in lieu of dis satisfactory compensation. This quasi judicial body of Singapore will then decide whether it will reduce, increase or annul the award of the collector. By this method it is trying to contribute to the land resource management of the nation in a very positive way.

Community Mediation Centre (CMC):
This quasi judicial body in Singapore provides solution to various social, community and family problems (which are generally not considered as serious crimes) through mediation sessions between two opponent parties in a cordial and informal atmosphere.

Copyright Tribunal:
This quasi judicial body in Singapore provides a platform for resolving disputes regarding copyright issues between the copyright owners and users of copyright materials.

The Tribunal's jurisdiction has been laid down in Part VII of Chapter 63 of the Copyright Act. The Tribunal can refer to the High Court of Singapore if the situation demands.

Industrial Arbitration Court:
This quasi judicial body of Singapore strives at resolving industrial disputes through certification of CAS (Collective Agreements) and thus regulates industrial relations and thereby tries to maintain industrial peace. 

Other than these, some of the prominent quasi judicial bodies in Singapore includes Singapore International Arbitration Centre and Singapore Mediation Centre which act as Alternative Disputes Resolutions of Singapore. Strata Titles Board is in charge of the administration of all the Strata Titles Boards and it derives its power from the Part IV of the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act. We also have Lands Surveyors Board.

The prominent judicial bodies in Singapore are the Supreme Court, Subordinate Courts, Syariah Court of Singapore and Small Claims Tribunals. One can witness a cordial cooperation between various judicial and quasi judicial bodies in Singapore to promote the law and order of the land. The divisions and sub divisions can be considered an excellent manifestation of division of labor.

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