Law Society of Singapore

The Law Society of Singapore was established in 1967 and it got its present name in 1970. Council of the Law Society of Singapore, which is comprised of 15 elected members, and 3 nominated members by the Minister for Law is given the job of managing the Society. President and two Vice Presidents are elected from the members through voting system. The Society derives its power and legitimacy from the Chapter 161 of the Legal Profession Act. The Council has got various committees and a secretariat.

Major Functions:
It maintains and tries to improve the academic standards and conduct of the lawyers
Improves and assists the members of the Legal Profession in Singapore.
Assists the common people whenever they are in need of any legal advice.
Framing schemes to help out the needy people in getting legal advices from lawyers.
Deals with the complaints lodged by the public against the lawyers either on the ground of inefficiency or misconduct.

Recent Sessions:
The best quality of the Law Society of Singapore is its constant attempt of collecting information to keep its members updated. Recently the Society organized two brief sessions on law Liability Law Partnerships on 12th December2006 and on present legal and tax issues conveyed through new legislation on 9th January 2007. Thus immediate discussions took place in the Law Society of Singapore just after the law was made and came into effect on 1st January 2007.

The Law Society of Singapore provides a wonderful platform for young and efficient legal practitioners. In order to get admission to the Society, one has to be a " Qualified" person and he or she must be well aware of the pupillage rules and guidelines prescribed by the Board of Legal Education as those are needed to be followed during their training periods.

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