Legal Developments in Singapore

Nothing can be perhaps more dynamic than the Singapore Laws which keep changing to meet out the need of the nation and its people. Let us check out some of the most recent legal developments in Singapore. It was in November 2006, Garyl Tan Jia Luo, a 17 year old guy was arrested for tapping his neighbor's wireless internet connection and he was punished through three years imprisonment and a certain amount of fine under the Computer Misuse Act.

He is the first person to get punished under this act. So, Computer Misuse Act is surely contributing to the recent Legal Developments in Singapore.

Lin Zhenghuang was the second offender under this act and he was arrested on 4th January 2007.

On 8th March 2007, a new Law was formulated in Parliament called the Mental Capacity Act. The Bill is expected to be ready by May and an extensive public consultation exercise is needed to make people aware of the new law. Under this law, the parents can appoint intellectual guardians to take charge of their children if they consider themselves inefficient for the job. This legal development in Singapore sounds similar to that of the laws prevalent in countries like Germany, Hong Kong and UK.

This year witnessed a considerable increase in the number of complaints against lawyers in compared to the last year figures. The judiciary has ordered for 28 investigations on the basis of the report from the Disciplinary Committee Secretariat. The complaints have been lodged against the lawyers who offered commissions for facilitating business or who failed to provide apt legal suggestions to their clients on property matters. The Singapore Academy of Law is planning to publish a book on professional ethics of the lawyers in order to offer a solution to the recent problem.

It is really satisfying to note the recent legal developments in Singapore as they are working at the betterment of Singapore Laws making them more strict and appropriate for the offences in order to turn Singapore the most peaceful land on earth. The objective of legal developments in Singapore is to make people think twice before they commit any crime and in order to achieve that, punishments must be made harsher. And this is why Singapore Laws are constantly viewed and reviewed by the legal specialists.
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