Legal Education in Singapore

Singapore is known as a land of strict laws and from that impression we can easily infer that Singapore is always in need of able advocates and solicitors to keep the law and order of the land in tact. In order to achieve this goal the government must concentrate on the modernization of the legal education in Singapore. Already we have a number of reputed law schools to support the legal education in Singapore and let us get into those very quickly. Board of Legal Education's main focus is to absorb qualified persons for the training and education required to become advocates and solicitors.

In order to encourage the law students the Board also grants prizes and scholarships on the basis of their performances in the examinations. An individual must satisfy the criteria mentioned in the Section 2, Chapter 161 of the revised edition of the Legal Profession Act of 2001 to get admission to any law school like, he or she must be 21 years old, possess good character, must serve the prescribed period of pupillage and so on. Non Singapore residents need to have the Training Visit Pass to become a law student of the land.

The school of Law runs on the motive of building "a collegial team of excellent researchers and teachers and to nurture lawyers who will lead and serve the community with distinction." It thrives on the core values like integrity of virtues of honesty, responsibility and commitment, scholarship and humanity. The members of Division of Business Law are usually involved both in legal and multi- disciplinary research in areas like Banking, Corporate and Securities Regulation, Employment issues, Finance, Foreign Investment and Information Technology to name a few.

The 23 divisional members are experienced legal practitioners or tax professionals who not only provide post graduate academic training from US, UK, and Australia but also render legal suggestions to the nation whenever it is required.
Other important schools of Law that are contributing to the growth and advancement of the legal education in Singapore are
Nanyang Technological University
Asian Law Institute
NUS Business School
Centre for Commercial Law Studies
IP Academy, Singapore
and many more to follow. The long list implies the focus of the education board on the legal education in Singapore.

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