The Santa Clara University School of Law

The Santa Clara University School of Law's South East Asia Programme in Singapore is perhaps the most colorful one among the series of Summer Programmes conducted by the school in various countries. Singapore is a prominent English speaking commercial center where Santa Clara University School Of Law provided a platform to the students to work on foreign investment, international business transactions and comparative contract law.
The programme includes three weeks training and instructions and those were effective enough to educate the students in such a way that they could begin full time internships with local law firms in Singapore and even with firms of foreign lands like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Kuala Lumpur.

The Santa Clara University School of Law is a private, non- profit law school located in Santa Clara of California. It is basically known for its diverse student body including foreign students with whom it communicates through summer sessions like the one it organized in Singapore. It thrives on high tech public legal services which is considered best in the nation.

The Singapore programme of the Santa Clara University School of Law focused on the :
providing excellent training regarding the legal students' services to their clients and society at large.
Highlighting the ethical aspects of the legal process
making legal academic community a part of the larger University community
ensuring freedom of inquiry and expression among diverse community
supporting scholarly research
maintenance of a balance in student- teacher relationships
setting high moral standards and professional excellence for the law students.

The programme organized by the Santa Clara University School of Law in Singapore is certainly a landmark in the history of legal education and training that has surely got a positive impact upon the legal industry of the nation. Thus, this kind of high tech training sessions are a must for Singapore as it is popularly called the " land of laws".

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