Special Features of Singapore Laws

Singapore Laws derive its features from the Constitution, legislation and subsidiary legislation. Laws include the fundamental rights of the individual and the limits and dimensions of the laws keep on changing to meet out the needs of the land. All these sound quite familiar as these are followed more or less in every nation. Now the real story begins with a discussion on the special features of Singapore Laws.

Singapore Laws are essentially very different from that of the other nations. The special features of Singapore Laws can be discussed in the light of strict punishments the judiciary has prescribed for trivial crimes.

The list includes some activities which are not labeled as "criminal activities" conventionally. In Singapore, littering is considered as a form of criminal activity. This special feature of Singapore Laws is purposely prescribed to make people aware of their responsibilities to keep the city clean and green.

The first offender had to pay a fine of S$1,000 and if anyone repeats, then, the amount gets increased to S$2,000 and a Corrective Work Order is issued. The offenders might be asked to pick up the litters in a park before the public and media. This kind of embarrassment might make people think twice before throwing a scrap in Singapore. Second special feature of Singapore Laws covers the ban on import, sale and possession of chewing gums as the government had to spend a lot in removing the sticky chewing gums from public places. This law was made keeping in mind the famous incident of the Mass Rapid Transit Train. It was the chewing gum that stopped the train from moving.

Similarly, smoking in the public premises is not allowed for the good of non smokers and environment. It is only allowed in air conditioned pubs, discos and other nightspots.

Death penalty is mandatory if any one gets caught for manufacturing, selling or the consumption of drugs. But surprisingly, Singapore is the center of distribution of drugs and so, it is believed that drug laws are ineffective or they are not implemented as par the legal theories.
Every nation should go for these laws to keep its land free from pollution and filthy dirts. Actually these are natural laws that should be followed by every citizen in order to lead a healthy life but unfortunately these have been referred as " special features of Singapore Laws" as one does not expect fines or imprisonment and definitely not death sentence for littering, smoking, not using the public toilet in a proper way or for serious offence like consumption of drugs and narcotics.

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