Unique Laws of Singapore

Anybody can get punished in Singapore at anytime. Be careful about proper flashing in public toilet or about littering scraps here and there. Punishments are granted through payments of fines, imprisonment, caning and even death penalty. This is why Singapore has got a minimum record of crimes compared to other nations. Unique Singaporean Laws can be well expressed through the popular saying "Singapore is a fine country. In Singapore, we have fines for everything." Fines for littering and jaywalking may dis encourage foreigners from visiting Singapore. First time offenders can be fined upto S$500and even more.

Uniqueness of Singaporean Laws lies in the overt strictness the government shows regarding trivial mistakes. These are not actually crimes but mistakes. A jaywalker is definitely not a criminal.

Let us take a look at the list of crimes under the Unique Singaporean Laws:

  • No jaywalking
  • No smoking in public places other than night clubs
  • No littering
  • No spitting
  • No sale, importation, purchase and possession of chewing gums
  • No importation of bullet- proof clothing, pistols, toy guns, weapons and spears without prior authorization from the Government.
  • No chewing tobacco
  • No toy currency
  • No carrying of obscene materials (What is obscene and what is not, is defined by the government).
  • No drugs

It is true that the unique Singaporean Laws are effective in keeping the city clean and green but as it is a favorite holiday destination in Asian region, the government should keep in mind that these laws might hamper the growth of travel and tourism over there as the tourists are not aware of these no- nos. And no one will enjoy a hazardous trip where he or she has to pay fines at every step. The punishment method is also unique in Singapore. Sometimes punishments are given through corrective works such as cleaning a public place after wearing bright jackets and media men are invited for the coverage of the spectacle. If a person is asked to clean up a public place then only he or she will realize that how difficult the task is to remove sticky chewing gums from public premises and the procedure is also costly.

Unique Singapore Laws include death penalty which is usually granted for the possession and consumption of drugs. But amazingly, Singapore is a center for drug dealers and thus people opine that drug related laws are theoretical and have not been implemented in real life yet. Foreign countries seem to be very dissatisfied with these Unique Singaporean Laws as according to them these are means of earning revenues under the guise of an attempt to maintain the law and order of the city.

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