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Old Singapore

Digging into the past reveals that Singapore was once a part of the Vijayan Empire in the 14th Century, then known as 'Temasek'. Earlier than that there is some Chinese account of Singapore, which has been described as, 'Pu-lou-chung' meaning 'island at the end of the peninsula'.

Though a small island, its strategic location connecting to various sea-routes

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meant that it became a pulsating hub for trade and commerce. Throngs of Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Portuguese have flocked here in ships, vessels, and schooners to try their hand in trade and commerce. The name Singapore that is 'Singa' 'Pura' literally means 'Lion City'. A Vijayan Prince bestowed the name in the 14th Century, who seeing an animal and mistaking it for lion arrived at this name.

The British and its colonial strategies occupy the next stage in Singapore's history. It was a fitting place for the maintenance of their ever-expanding fleet of armies and also a watch spot for any Dutch advances.

At about this time Sir Stamford Raffles established Singapore as a core-trading center by opening it up for free and unrestricted trade.

In the 14th century it was sucked into a power struggle between the Javan Empire and Thailand or (Siam) for the Malay Peninsula. During World War II, it bore witness to another power struggle and was invaded by the Japanese in 1942, as they dedeated the British armies. After the war, it adopted self-government in 1959 and by 9th August 1965 it became an indpendent nation.

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