Bringing a Pet in Singapore

Singapore has strict laws regarding bringing a pet into the nation. The restrictions on bringing a pet in Singapore have been sketched on the basis of certain factors like the weather condition, health condition, and on types of their accommodation. While bringing a pet in Singapore, one needs to keep in mind the pet's age and health status, the traveling stress that might not suit the energy level of the pet and the climatic change the pet will undergo as it will travel from a foreign land to Singapore.

These factors are highly important for bringing a pet in Singapore especially if the pet needs to be quarantined. Bringing a pet in Singapore is a complicated procedure for all these factors, but it is definitely sensitive towards the well being of the pets and so start making the necessary arrangements for bringing your pet to Singapore as soon as possible because the whole procedure is time consuming.Airlines differ from one to another regarding the rules and regulations for bringing a pet in Singapore.

You can contact PET MOVERS for making these arrangements easy for you and your pet. Before bringing your pet in Singapore you must keep in mind the tropical climate of Singapore. The owner of the pet must take special care to keep the pet's skin healthy and that must be well protected from ticks, fleas and other parasites.

These are the following documents that need to be produced at the time of bringing a pet in Singapore:
A health certificate by a recognized veterinary assuring good health of the pet.
Documents that will prove that the pet has been properly vaccinated and has been given parasite treatment against fleas and ticks.

Pet Passport
Custom Declaration (in case of importing pets).
The pets must be accompanied with ISO Standard Microchip.

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