Number of Pets Allowed in Singapore

Singapore is exceptionally strict about the number of pets allowed in one household. What number of pets will be allowed in Singapore is decided on the basis of what level of environmental pollution and noise disturbance can the pet cause. Singapore firmly believes that no one has the right to disturb his or her's neighbor. In the context of number of pets allowed in Singapore, it is interesting to note the case of Ms Cathy Strong who used to keep 10 dogs as pet prior to 1989. She was allowed to keep such huge number of dogs on compassionate grounds.

Her case was considered on the ground that she had de- barked some of her dogs in order to reduce the noise pollution and all the 10 dogs were microchipped and the bitches were sterilized.But later on she was asked to keep only three dogs in her premise as the dogs had started living their natural lives by that time in a residential area.

According to the number of pets allowed in Singapore, one household can go for just one dog chosen from the approved list of breeds of dogs and they are mostly small breed ones. Interestingly, cats are not allowed as pets in Singapore. Only one dog is allowed in HDB flats.

Singapore has been free from rabies since 1953 and for that the control over the number of pets allowed in Singapore needs to be thanked. All the owners are not sensible like Cathy Strong. If any owner can assure that he or she can maintain the household premise properly, can keep his or her surroundings clean and free from infections and viruses that spread from dogs like rabies, then keeping two or three pets is not an issue.

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