Pet Import Prerequisites in Singapore

Singapore follows certain rules for the importation of pets and agencies like Pet Movers Pte Ltd help the people on this issue on the basis of the Pet Import Prerequisites in Singapore. Let us check those:
Health Certificate: An original certificate, stating that "the pet is healthy and free from any contagious or infectious disease at the time of inspection" which is issued by a Qualified Veterinarian, is required for all kinds of pets entering Singapore. The certificate must not be issued 7 days before the date of entry into Singapore.

Vaccination Card: All cats and dogs must enter Singapore with the vaccination record that will confirm that they have been given all the necessary vaccines.
Parasite Treatment:
The next important Pet Import Prerequisites in Singapore is the confirmation of parasite treatment against external parasites like ticks and fleas by a recognized veterinary

All dogs and cats must enter Singapore with an ISO Standard Microchip.
Pet Import Prerequisites in Singapore states that all the dogs have to be licensed before they get "quarantine release".
Custom Declaration:
A custom declaration is required only if the importation cost including the shipping costs of the pets exceeds SG$400.00.

Import Permit and Reservation of Quarantine Space: The owner of the pets needs to book the quarantine space. The import permit is a must for the entry of the pets into Singapore.
The list of the Pet Import Prerequisites in Singapore might seem very strict but these provisions are made for the maintenance of healthy conditions of the pets in Singapore. Singapore just wants to be sure of the fact that all the pets entering the country are healthy and are not carriers of any disease that might spread and infect others.
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