Air Force of Singapore

Though the Air Force of Singapore was set up in the year 1968, it was earlier known as the Singapore Air Defence Command and the Singapore Air Force replaced this name in the year 1975.The Singapore Air Force is headed by the Chief of Air Force (CAF). Presently, the Chief of Air Force of Singapore is Brigadier General Ng Chee Khern. He is also known by the locals of this nation as one of the pilots who were the first pilots of the F-16 in Singapore.

Ng Chee Khern took over the charge of the post in the year 2006 in the month of March. The Chief of the Air Staff provides him all kinds of support and help and Ng Chee Khern is answerable for his actions to the Chief of the Defence Force.

The functional departments of the Air Force are six in number and they are the air plans, air intelligence, air training, air operations, air logistics and air manpower. The Air Force also features two special departments, which are the Office of the Chief Air Force (CMAO) of the Medical Officer and the Air Force Inspectorate (A FI).

The aircrafts that are possessed by the Air Force of Singapore carries out its operations in areas that belong to the foreign nations and the reason behind this is to provide the pilots with a better exposure. It introduced the Airborne Early Warning and Control in the year 1987. It also initiated a new programme of modernization in the year 1994 for aircrafts that were 40 in number.

As far as the social aspects are concerned, it played a major role by lending its support to the Tsunami Relief Effort, the one that concentrated its activities on Indonesia (a republic in the southeastern Asia).

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