Army of Singapore

The Army of Singapore is one of the services that constitute the Armed Forces of Singapore.The Singapore Army is led by the Chief of Army (COA). The Chief of the Staff - General Staff helps the chief with his service. The other people who assist the chief are the Commander of the Doctrine Command and the Commander of the Army Training.The Army of Singapore features functional departments that are six in number.

The areas of concern of the functional departments are the training, planning, operations logistics and personnel The person whose shoulders has been burdened with the responsibility to head or to handle these departments is the Assistant Chief of the general Staff (ACGS).

The Senior Specialist Staff Officers of the commando, guards, armor, infantry, artillery, signals as well as the engineers aid the ACGS.
The Combat Arms that have been combined with one another to build the Divisional as well as the Non Divisional Assets are the:

Combat Engineers
The Suuport Units of the Combat Arms are the:
Army Intelligence
Army Logistics
Singapore Armed Forces Ammunition Command
Army Medical Services
Apart from the functional departments the other departments of the army are:
Inspectorate department

NS Affairs department (NSAD) that addresses the issues associated with the National Service.
NS Affairs department (NSAD) and it also deals with areas that are closely linked to the National Service and conjointly it is referred to as the General Staff.
The three active Combined - Arms Divisions are the main constituents of the Army of Singapore and they are the third division, sixth division and the ninth division and consists of both the units that are active as well as the units that are kept as reserves.It is interesting to note that these units have the capacity of getting mobilized.

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