Navy of Singapore

The Singapore Navy is actually the navy of the Singapore Armed Forces. The Navy of Singapore has taken up the responsibility to ensure the safety as well as the security of the citizens from the outside threats who have plans to invade the nation through the sea. It also is burdened with the responsibility to offer full protection to the trade routes that are primarily made use of for the smooth naval operations.

The Navy of Singapore is headed by the Chief of Navy. At present, Ronnie Tay, Rear Admiral is the Chief of the Singapore Navy. His responsibility lies in looking after the administration and to also see to the fact that the operations are carried out in a proper and organized manner and for his actions he is answerable to the Chief of Defence Force, a three star general.

The Brani Naval Base was the first naval base of Singapore. Mentioned below are some facts associated with the Navy of Singapore, which are:
In the year 1983, the Singapore Navy gave the order for six ships for war purposes that belonged to the Victory Class from the Fredrich Lorssen Werft of Germany.
The second naval base of the Navy of Singapore is located at the western tip of the nation of Singapore. The inauguration of this naval base was done by Goh Chok Tong, the second prime minister of Singapore in the year 1994 on the second of September.

The most recent facility that can be associated with the navy of this nation is the establishment of the Changi Naval Base, which was built with the intention to replace the first naval base of Singapore, which was the Brani Naval Base. It is situated at the eastern tip of this nation and the inauguration was done by Goh Chok Tong in the year 2004 on 21st May. This base covers an area of 6.2 km.

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