Health Ministry of Singapore

The Health ministry of Singapore is an integral part of the government of Singapore. The Minister for health, Mr. Gan Kim Yong, heads the Ministry.
The Health ministry of Singapore is entrusted with the duty of looking after the health facilities of the nation. It monitors the quality of health services, which is provided to the visitors as well as to the citizens of Singapore. The prosperity of the nation also depends on the health condition of the citizens. The Health ministry of Singapore is responsible for maintaining proper health condition of the residents.

It is also provided with the added responsibility of raising health awareness among the people of the nation. It also ensures the accessibility of health services and keeps the government updated about the recent health conditions of the nation.

The Health Care System

The system involves both private and public healthcare. It covers the raising of standards of living of the Singaporean population, improving housing, water supply, and sanitation, preventive health care and medical services.

Subsidized medical services are made available through public Hospitals and clinics Good healthcare is made affordable and fiscal responsibility is propagated by promoting healthcare schemes like Medifund, Medisave and Medishield by which a Singaporean can co-pay expenses along with the state.

Primary Health Care

Preventive healthcare along with health education plays a vital role in objective agenda of Ministry of Health in Singapore. Around 80% of the primary Healthcare is provided by Private medical practitioner and the rest through Government sponsored Polyclinics. State Hospitals however provide 80% of the more expensive hospital care. There exist 18 polyclinics and 2000 private clinics run by medical practitioners which provide a one-stop facility of outpatient medical care, immunization and the necessary follow-up of patients discharged from Hospitals. They also provide Health screening and investigative facilities, pharmacy services and basic Health education.

CHAS or Community Health Assist Scheme helps the elderly who need assistance to reach these polyclinics making the system more accessible to all strata of society.

Hospital Systems

The ministry of Health has a network of 7 Public Hospitals. These are sub-divided into 5 General institutions, one woman and child hospital and one Psychiatric hospital. Both in-patient and specialized out-patient facilities are available along with a 24 hour emergency Department. About 75% of the beds available here are very heavily subsidized. Cardiac Care, Cancer Care, Skin Care, Eye Care, Neuroscience Care and Dental Care is also provided through 6 specialized clinics.

Chronic Disease Management Program

The Chronic disease Management Program is a tool that is used by patients suffering from chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Lipid disorders, Strokes, Depression etc. This program helps the patient to be in close supervision of their Doctors and caregivers, thus ensuring early detection, making necessary lifestyle changes with their help and care for chronic and debilitating diseases needing long term help. Medisave is a Co-pay instrument that helps pay for these facilities.

Transparent Billing System:

Singapore has a mixed delivery system to organize complete healthcare for its citizens. 80% of the acute medical care is provided by the State while Primary care is dominated by the private sector. The health Ministry also funds various voluntary organizations which provide community hospice and welfare schemes to the people of Singapore.

The ministry of Health started making public a transparent “Hospital Bill Size” which has gone a long way in rationalizing private and Government prices of medical care. They have found success in spurring competition in pricing and have pushed the hospitals “to do more with less”.

The Health Ministry also regularly published health outcomes on their public website, and this has encouraged improvements in the field of medical care and has also helped in assisting patients make informed decisions.

This has in turn helped set up Singapore as a Wellness destination for foreign patients helping the Singaporean Government to work towards making the State’s medical network a better one.

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