Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore

The ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore is a part of the cabinet of Singapore. The Ministry was formed in the year 1970 and aims at making Singapore the best home for the citizens of the nation. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore. The Minister of Home Affairs heads the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore.

The Ministry believes in working as a team in close co-operation with the community to make Singapore the safest home for the residents of the nation.

The successful working of MHA has strongly been reflected in some of the local emergencies. It played a pivotal role in steering Singapore safely through the series of local emergencies that created a stir among the residents and also the government. It successfully overcame the national tensions like "SARS" and "bird flu". The smooth and effective working of the Ministry of Home Affairs has also succeeded in protecting Singapore from the terrorist attacks.

For its commitment to excellence MHA has also achieved a lot of local recognitions. Wong Kan Seng is the present Minister of Home Affairs in Singapore

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