Ministry of Law of Singapore

From a sleepy fishing village to a modern urbanized nation Singapore has covered a long distance in its relatively short historical background. The tremendous progress made in every field of the nation has turned it to be a major hub for finance, telecommunications and commerce. The Ministry of Law has no doubt made a significant contribution in the development of the nation. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about the Ministry of Law of Singapore.

The code of law implemented by the Ministry of Law dates back to the British from the colonial period. The Ministry has contributed a lot in maintaining an excellent business climate in Singapore. The sound, transparent and pro-business legal policies implemented by the ministry have helped the nation in maintaining and enhancing the business atmosphere. The ministry takes care of the infrastructure of the nation as it contributes a major part in enhancing the social and economic progress of the nation. Ministry of Law looks after and manages the areas relating to Constitutional and Trustee matters,

legal policies on civil and criminal justice, alternative dispute resolution and community mediation and the management of state properties. The Ministry believes in paying strict adherence to highest standards of integrity and professional conduct. It believes in working as a team and also gives importance to individual contributions.

Accounts of Law Ministry in Singapore

The Ministry of Law is a bureau of the Singapore Government accountable for ensuring that national legal infrastructure is well synchronized, clear, transparent and efficacious. The present minister of law in Singapore is K Shanmugam. The mission of Singapore Law Ministry is to ensure a progressive and sound national legal infrastructure, insolvency regime, intellectual property infrastructure as well as to execute national goals and optimize national assets.

The Organizational Structure of Law Ministry in Singapore

The Ministry of Law in Singapore includes HQ (Head Quarters). Legal Aid Bureau, IPTO (Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office) and Community Mediation Unit are the three departments of law ministry in Singapore. The overseas CMU (Community Mediation Units) are situated at the SCS (Subordinates Courts of Singapore) and at the Treasury. The law ministry in Singapore also comprises of three tribunals and boards, which are known as ABLA (Appeals Board for Land Acquisitions), CT (Copyright Tribunal) and LSB (Land Surveyors Board). The ministry also features two statuary boards. SLA (Singapore Land Authority) and IPOS ((Intellectual Property Office of Singapore) are the two statutory boards of the ministry.

Policy Segments of the Singapore Law Ministry

The Law Ministry of Singapore comprises of seven policy divisions. The ILD (International Legal Division), PAD (Policy Advisory Division), LPD (Legal Policy Division), IPPD (Intellectual Property Policy Division), CLSD (Community Legal Services Division) and LPD (Land Policy Division).

How the Law Ministry of Singapore Works

The Singapore Law Ministry is very active and operated by a team of law professionals. The Singapore law ministry is responsible for maintenance of law and order in the nation. New laws passed by the parliament are executed and managed by the law ministry. The law ministry works in direct and indirect reference to legal public affairs. Singapore Law Ministry is a steady organization, which recruits its officials carefully. Every official appointed at the ministry has his/her own significant duties. The ministry proffers policy and legal inputs for bills proposed and organized by other ministries.

Professionals at Singapore Law Ministry

The Singapore Law Ministry is also responsible for the nation’s international legal affairs. The ministry has its official website, where it highlights vacancies and recruits steady professionals based on their qualification, performance at training and other core factors. Mr. M Shanmugam is the current minister for foreign affairs and minister for law. Ms Indranee Rajah is the senior minister of state, ministry of education and ministry of law. Dr. Beh Swan Gin is the permanent secretary of law ministry. Ms Velarie Thean is the deputy secretary of the law ministry.

The Law Ministry of Singapore is active and steady and orderly takes care of the legal affairs of the nation. Singapore Law Ministry is basically noted as one of the strongest and effectual law ministries in Asia. The law ministry focuses on smoother propagation, application and utilization of laws amongst the mass, so that THE nation stays out of chaos and confusions and performs in the correct legal order. The Law Ministry of Singapore also provides affiliations to legal organizations or individual law professionals.

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