Ministry of Manpower of Singapore

Ministry of Manpower is an integral part of the government of Singapore. Manpower is no doubt the driving force behind the working of any government and Singapore is no exception to the said norm. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Ministry of Manpower of Singapore. Ministry of Manpower of Singapore aims at developing a competitive workforce for the development of the nation A great workplace enables all the Singaporeans to be a part of the secure economic future of the nation. The Ministry of Manpower believes in embodying the essence of life long learning and empowers the people to build up a secure future for them.

The Ministry is entrusted with the duty of maintaining and developing the workplace relations and standards. Like any other ministry of Singapore this also has a significant contribution in the development of the nation.

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore is a ministry with Vision. The vision is to create a cherished workplace and a highly competitive workforce. The motto is -A great workforce for Singapore and to make it a great workplace too. This concept underlines the fact that the ministry of Manpower perceives the workplace as a container of Human capital.

They believe that human capital can reach its desired potential not in vacuum but in organizational setting, in a cohesive workplace setting. The workplace ambiance in turn determines the development of human talent and capacity to perform.

The Ministry’s vision is the embodiment of its aspiration to add to the Singaporean’s ability to adapt, incorporate skill sets and then relearn the same in order to grow competitively in the global environment.

The four pillars of the ministry’s value system are – People centeredness, Team work, Professionalism and the desire for progress.

These values act as a guide for the ministry minions. These values cohesively work towards achieving the aim of creating a great workforce and a great workplace. The human talent pool is base of the work of the ministry. The value of people centeredness helps the ministry to understand the needs of their customers and harness the best from their people. The ministry is committed to provide a globally competitive workforce culled from all over the world.

Success is achieved through teamwork. The ministry leverages the diversity in capabilities and talent present within the ministry workforce to build an effective organization and build partnerships even outside the manpower ministry to cohesively achieve a dynamic, versatile and vibrant workforce which goes a long way to create a multi-dimensional workplace.

Professional work ethics create an impartial and neutral venue where work is the hero and the values for the entire workforce is same. Their agenda is - Work should be effective and professional cutting out the roots of corruption and nepotism, making Singapore a workplace every professional desires.

The MOM, Singapore believes that passion to progress is the passion to succeed as success is never stagnant. Continuous and inclusive growth can only be achieved through a progressive outlook. A continuous learning process leads to continuous improvement and helps deal effectively with changes to build a better outlook for the future of Singapore.

Objectives of the Ministry: Workforce

The above mentioned value system will enable the Singaporean workforce to meet all challenges set by the fiercely competitive global economy in the modern era. This will provide all Singaporeans to incorporate the skill sets and give them the opportunity to achieve optimum potential and have highly rewarding careers amidst a quality workplace and long term economic sustainability. The Manpower Ministry of Singapore aims to ensure the quality of manpower needed to sustain economic competitiveness by enlarging Singapore’s talent pool, effectively securing the entry, stay as well as the exit of foreign nationals who are their guest workers and ensure progressive and highly motivational man-management practices. This will sustain an inclusive growth for Singapore.

Aims of the Ministry: workplace

A great workplace is one which at the corporate level covers organizational workplaces that effectively recruit, retain and develop human capital. It also ensures a broader perspective to the ministry’s work in avoiding a single minded drive towards cut throat competition that leads to the sacrifice of employee rights and a stress free work environment. A good workplace travels beyond a secure and healthy workplace, it transcends into a harmonious blend of work ethos and passion to progress, embracing a natural feeling of well being, friendliness within efficiency.

This will entail on a national level a strong and pervasive labor market for Singapore that will offer work and employment opportunities that are not only fair but also facilitates value creation. The great workplace generates great economic value and in the same breath generates and protects the employee’s economic growth and stability.

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