Prime Minister's Office in Singapore

A unicameral parliamentary system of government prevails in Singapore. The Prime Minster of Singapore enjoys all the executive powers of the state. Each and every ministry of the state is answerable to the office of the Prime Minister and it in turn takes care of the working of the respective departments. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Prime Minister's office in Singapore. The government of Singapore enjoys the reputation of being one of the most politically transparent and least corrupted governments of the world.

The Prime Minister's office of Singapore coordinates with the day-to day working of all the ministries and the general policies adopted by the government. It also directs the overall policies of the government to all the important ministries of the government. This is required for the smooth working of the government.

The main objectives of the Prime Minister's office in Singapore are taking measures to eradicate corruption, implement national research, enterprise strategies and innovation. It co-ordinates and makes plan for the multi-agency programs. It also encourages and takes special initiatives to engage the overseas Singapore community. The major departments of the prime Minister's office in Singapore are Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, Elections Department, National Research Foundation, National Security Coordination Secretariat and Overseas Singaporean Unit.

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