National Dental Center in Singapore

The mission is to deliver quality care to every patient through comprehensive, integrated clinical practices, implement newer techniques and lifelong learning in meeting the needs of people.

The NDC works on some special principles such as to strive for:

  • Superlative and value for money healthcare.
  • The staff for their overall welfare
  • The nation for promoting health
The institution also believes in working as a team in order to uphold professional integrity and excellent care for the patients.

The oral healthcare team comprises dentists, dental surgery assistants and dental technician who are at the patientís disposal to take care. The treatment may involve a team from various departments if cross-disciplinary attention is required. A consultation or evaluation will be recommended from a dental surgeon. The dental clinical staff includes doctors-in-training who specialize in a selected field of dentistry.

†DSAs or Trained Dental Surgery Assistants provide skilled assistance to the dental surgeon when the patient undergoes treatment and ensures that the treatment room is neat. Comfortable and the dental instruments are changed with every patient. There is also a provision for translation with the help of DSAs so that patients can communicate even better with the dental surgeons.

The three main departments of the center includes the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Restorative Dentistry including the Endodontics†Unit Paediatric Dentistry Unit Periodontics Unit Prosthodontics Unit

At NDCís Centres for multidisciplinary services, care is optimized and delivered at a single location and creates expediency for patients. The various departments are the Centre for Corrective Jaw Surgery, Centre for Maxillofacial Rehabilitation, Centre for Orofacial Pain.

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