National Skin Center in Singapore

NSC started its operations on the 1st of November 1988 after taking over from the Middle Road Hospital. There are about 1,000 visitors daily. The NSC is a subsidiary organization of the National Healthcare Group PTe(NHG) which shares the same vision of NHG of "Adding years of healthy life to the people of Singapore".

The NSC is a tertiary health care institution that provides specialized dermatological services, train medical students and post-graduates and also undertakes research in dermatology.

They also carry out Continuing Medical Education that is specialized courses for doctors and paramedical personnel. The purpose is to have patient management best tailored to the population of Singapore.

NSC's mission is to be the best national and regional centre for diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. They are committed to provide cost-effective and specialized care for skin conditions in a setting that has the elements of clinically relevant research, quality education and patient safety.

The objective of NSC is to focus specialists in dermatology into one institution, facilitate the sub-specialization and be the national focus for treatment, research and training on every aspect of skin diseases.

The general clinic has private clinics below it which offer added comfort in terms of ambience and service to patients. This is particularly valid for those who desire a personalized service. Private patients have a personal choice of consultants, and are referred to other doctors by their private practitioners. The subsidized or non-profit medical centre is partially funded by the government through grants. This enables NSC to provide specialized dermatological treatment to provide concession to patients.

The nurses are trained in providing general care to patients, specialized nursing in dermatological procedures, e.g. phototherapy, patch and photopatch testing, iontophoresis, immunotherapy, cryotherapy, intralesional injections, dermatosurgery and laser surgery. The Skin Day Treatment Services (SDTS) is open to patients with moderately severe skin disease, needing intensive topical applications, shampoos, bath and phototherapy treatments. Hospitalization is not required for this treatment.

Other services include pharmacy services, laboratory services, NSC Express Service, Subspecialty clinics, care & Counseling.

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