Singapore Gamma Knife Center in Singapore

The Gamma Knife Center at Singapore is located at Suite G-5, 1550 N. 115th Street Seattle, WA 98133-9733.

One must take an exit 173 from I-5. Then take a turn to the west on Northgate way. Then one must take a turn towards the right, at Meridian Avenue North. After this one must take the next right to the Northwest Hospital & Medical Center campus.

The Gamma Knife Center is in the basement of the first building at the right (Medical Office Building Suite G-5). At the Northwest Hospital Gamma Knife Center, there is a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals who have rendered their individual proficiency on brain anatomy, medical radiation and radiation physics in order to facilitate the patient with the best in terms of care and treatment.

The selection of the patients for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery is made by the treatment team and is based on the individual case analysis that takes into account existing image studies, physician records and patient health.

The patientís referring physician is an active partner in the treatment procedures. While the referring physician is updated with the patientís initial evaluation results, treatment status and progress noted on follow-up studies, he or she is also welcome at the treatment session. After the Gamma Knife Treatment, the patient is returned to be under the monitoring of the referring physician.

Radiosurgery is a term that has been introduced by Swedish neurosurgeon, Lars Leksell, M.D., in 1951 which is the non-invasive destruction of an area in the brain that has been targeted and given an accurate delivery of a single high dose of radiation.

The Gamma Knife is regarded as the gold standard of radiosurgery and is instrumental in treating a variety of brain-related diseases and conditions.

Some of the conditions that are treated with Gamma Knife are Parkinsons, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Arteriovenous Malformations, Essential Tremors, Benign Tumors, Malignant Tumors and Chronic Pain.

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