Architecture of Singapore

The nation of Singapore has evolved today as one of the most popular destinations of the world as far as the vacations are concerned. The chief attractions of this nation are the sky-high buildings, the Singapore River that adds to the beauty of this nation and the historical as well as the architectural buildings that deserve our appreciation and applause.

Regarding the Architecture of Singapore it could be said that there remain a few evidences that prove the fact that there existed most probably during the 1330's buildings or structures that were man made.

If you visit Singapore at present, you would find that it has been graced with innumerous buildings, the construction of which dates back to the year 1819, the year or the period, when Sir Stamford Raffles founded the modern Singapore.The modern day buildings that adorn this nation reflects the modern style that has been used to built these buildings or it could be said that it reflects the modern architecture of this flourishing nation.

The architectures took the help of the brutalist style to create some of the magnificent buildings of this nation. The brutalist style (a style that dominated the years from 1950 to 1970) has been primarily used for the construction of the flats that touch the skyline of Singapore. The other buildings that reflect this style are the DBS building, the Temasek Tower, the CPF building, the OCBC Centre (the headquarters of the OCBC bank of this nation), the Singapore Land Tower and a few others.In the late 1980's,Singapore witnessed an emergence of the 'sterile as well as 'stoic' architecture. The Neoclassic buildings also succeeded in arresting the attention of the locals as well as the tourists, such as the Parkview Square (a commercial building situated in the downtown area) as well as the Parliament House.

Apart from the above mentioned architectural styles the other style that made a mark of its own at this nation is the Chinese Baroque style and it is the houses of the Peranakan, that are situated at the Emerald Hill, which reflects this style.

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