Facility Management in Singapore

There are many facility management firms to take care of the maintenance and functioning of the commercial buildings and properties in Singapore. The facility management firms in Singapore oversee the works of the contractors, hired for the buildings and also make sure that the buildings are clean and properly maintained.

Some of the facility management companies in Singapore even provide ideal ambiences as per the needs of the clients to conduct business or any other functions. Facility Management in Singapore also entails taking care of the air-conditioning system in the building and maintaining its smooth functioning

Definition of Facility Management

The IFMA or the International Facility Management Association defines facility management as an all-encompassing profession that involves different disciplines for ensuring the proper functioning of the building by incorporating technology, place and people. The term 'Facility Management' in the business parlance refers to the management of services and buildings.

Services involved in the facility management in Singapore

In facility management there are 2 categories of services---hard and soft. Overseeing the works of the electricians, builders and taking care to keep the building clean falls under the soft services category. Hard services demands that the air-conditioning system of the building is functioning safely, reliably and with full efficiency. Facility management and property management are more or less similar terms but the former is applicable in case of large commercial properties where the functioning and management a more complicated business.

Role of the Facility Management firms in Singapore The main role of the facility management firms is to look after whether everything is out there in the building and functioning properly. The quality or the condition of life in a building depends on the facility manager.

The scope of the business of facility management is varied. It can be a small or a large business. Some of the facility management firms offer ideal environments for business and many other purposes for different companies and organizations.

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